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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Graphic design sans designer.

So my younger brother is a motion designer, and I’ve been laying into him for some possible graphic design help.  I suspect this is like asking me to fix your computer (or, more appropriately, set up a website).  I’ve finally come to the determination that he’s quietly giving me the same message I eventually give friends and family: do it yourself.

I seem to recall being much more direct when we were younger.  Often while trying to ditch him and go out with my friends, I’d sit him in front of the computer and show him various graphics and animation tools.  Naturally, he’d ask me how to use these packages.  I had no problem telling him to figure things out for himself, threatening violence if he bugged me any more, and then leaving for the evening.  It would seem I’m now taking an extended release version my own medicine.  Probably gentler on the stomach.

So my solution today was to fire up Gimp and see if I could copy Python‘s graphic design style (beg, borrow, or steal, right?).  Here is the result:

I hope people like it, without getting too upset about me “stealing” the style.  It’s not like my version is actually good, but it should suffice for “Sizzle Quest 2008”.  I’ve always “gotten” the rationale for paths, I just wish the learning curve (*smirk*) wasn’t so bad.  I had to spend the better part of an afternoon playing around with the most rudimentary designs, and the result above is still not 100%.

Insert brief teasers about all the stuff I didn’t have time to talk about in this premier post (yay!).

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