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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Is this sizzle enough?

So I’m trying to draw a little more attention to my work, especially since I’ll have a captive audience at DSPD 2008. I’ve had to create a little more content, and this will help the links in my talk point to places more interesting than web “Hello, World”‘s. I would invite interested parties to review and (privately) comment on these new “leavings” since they are supposed to convey not just levity, but also serious intent and capability. And so…

In some ways I’d like to emulate the easy going professionalism you can see in Dave Beazley’s site. (BTW, congrats on the kid, Dave!)

Thus continues Sizzle Quest 2008. If you are curious where this obsession with sizzle came from, it stems from a keynote at PyCon 2008, given by Brian Fitzpatrick. The takeaway I took away was that all the virtuous content/code/product one makes is moot if it is not publicized enough. This resonates with a lot of the feedback I received from my dissertation committee. They often complained about my avoidance of the first person and how I understate my contributions (not to mention how these choices lead head long into the passive voice). It is hoped the readership will observe some improvement (*smirk*).

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